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Country Manor & Stonegate

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Country Manor & Stonegate

This dry-stacked, yet mechanically connected wall evokes the Old World charm of a masoncrafted wall. In a castle or home, these graceful curves, monumental columns and freestanding walls are all part of the charm of Country Manor from Keystone.

Country Manor and Stonegate Country Manor each have three different sized units that provide up to six different face dimensions to achieve a wide range of flexibility for wall layout. Country Manor units are sold by the layer with six of each shape per layer, 18 units total per layer. Country Manor is also sold by the pallet, with four layers per pallet.

Wall Variety

For a creative design option, units may occasionally be placed vertically in the wall to provide a break of horizontal lines. To span two, six inch high courses, use the unit with the 12-inch length. Because the fiberglass pins do not interlock in this position, use adhesive to fasten this unit in place. Be sure the unit above the 12-inch vertical unit spans beyond the six-inch width of the vertical unit, so each end of the vertical unit is covered with a horizontal unit.


Curving walls add texture to a landscape, creating a circular center patio and separating it from planting areas. Convex (outward) and concave (inward) curves can be built in both the near-vertical and the one-inch setback walls. Because the units are finished on both sides, Country anor can be used for free standing walls, and columns. However, these should always be built in a vertical position, as well as, each course should be adhered to each other using adhesive.

Country Manor

Stonegate Country Manor

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