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Compac III

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Compac III, Victorian, & Regency

A properly designed retaining wall will be a long-lasting and valuable addition to your property. The Keystone Pinned System combines strength and beauty for both gravity and reinforced walls.

The Keystone Compac III is the perfect choice and an installer’s favorite. It also offers multiple face finishes which include; Three Plane Split, Straight Face, Victorian, and Regency finish.

The Pinned System is easy to install through a patented fiberglass connector pin providing additional shear strength. And because the Pinned System can be used with reinforcement, it is appropriate for tall walls, short walls, critical and non-critical structures.

The Keystone Compac III Three Plane Splits tapered side create a stone like look and distinct shadows for a more natural appearance. The Compac Straight Face finish features a split face creating a classic look that works for almost any project. The Compac Victorian features unique a unique chamfer around the outside edges. These create defined lines that will make your project stand out creating a bold attractive appearance. The Compac Regency & Regency Scored combine together to create the illusion of three distinct sized units within the wall face. The suggested ratio is 2/3 Regency  and 1/3 Regency Score units, however you can experiment to achieve the desired look you want. You can also use either unit by itself to create different looks. Regency has a hard split face and vertical chamfers with an antiqued finish.


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