Splitface Architectural Block Colors:
Bauer Split Face Architectural Block are available in the following colors: *
W-1 White  
V-1 Vanilla  
LS-1 Lt. Sandstone  
BS-1 Buckskin  
LT-1 Light Taupe  
S-1 Sahara  
LE-1 Light Earth  
T-1 Tan  
LT-2 Light Tan  
B-1 Brown  
LB-1 Light Brown  
R-1 Red  
DR-1 Dark Red  
GB-1 Golden Buff  
GW-1 Light Gray  
C-1 Charcoal  
GY-1 Natural Gray  
GBC-1 Golden Buff/Charcoal Blend  
SC-1 Sandstone/Charcoal Blend  
SB-1 Sahara/Brown Blend  
SB-2 Sandstone/Brown Blend  

*Colors may change from production run to production run. To assure random color distribution, it is recommended that concrete masonry units be mixed from different pallets.

Product, color, shape, size, or style may change without notice. Not all colors are available in all shapes or styles. Check with a Bauer Sales Representative for availability.

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